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With the unique combination of German wine, South American Mate tea and special harmonizing characters you taste the optimum and the uniqueness of an ineffable enjoyment.

ReMate is derived from the spanish word remate with the meaning:

"Completion or Final"

ReMate consist of only high quality choosen products:

South America - The in drink Mate tea is imported from South America and guarantees an high quality standard.

Germany – The appreciative White Wine will be produced in one of the best wine regions in Germany – in Rheinhessen. The Wine at all is a complexe and an high quality product.

ReMate refreshes and animates, without making nervous. The Wine gives you the special extra to have a good time and is responsible for the extraordinary taste. The Mate is responsible for the genius effect with mineral nutrients.

The optimal drink for everyone who do not want to miss a long running effect with an exquisite enjoyment.

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